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About Us

Kiss Kiss Artisan Foods is a 100% Western Australian family-owned and operated business located in Malaga, Western Australia. Kiss Kiss Artisan Foods is the one and only producer of hand-crafted Pastizzi in WA! Discover our passionately made Pastizzi produced only with dedication and commitment, which is evident across our entire gourmet range. We have combined traditional hand-crafted Maltese pastry with modern contemporary flavours to bring you the ultimate Pastizzi you will fall in love with!

It was evident that our pastry was a hit with Executive Chefs and their clients far and wide, so we felt it was necessary to make more products with this delicious crunchy hand-crafted pastry SO.. We created a gourmet range of Aussie favourites, pies and sausage rolls to complement our Pastizzi.

With the purchase of our Simple Simon Pie Machine for our unique shortcrust gourmet pies to be produced, we decided to make quality party quiches as well, so Chefs’ have a better choice then what is currently available on the market! We use locally sourced quality beef and lamb. We have worked closely with Perth’s top Executive Chefs to produce signature flavours for their venues and produce new products to add to our gourmet range exclusive to food service for over 12 years and now available direct to the public.

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? We do! So we decided to make a pizza to make you drool.. combining great flavours and some creative shapes we came up with a café range of Pizza Breads and Pizza Slabs Made with imported OO flour from Italy our dough is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside…

In 2015 I was informed that my daughters and I were gluten intolerant!! Can you believe it yes gluten intolerant and I own a pastry business … well that was a shock let me tell you!! So we set out to find some “gluten free” and “delicious” food and found nothing but cardboard and tasteless rubbish with gums and god knows what else to mimic wheat products. So...we decided it was our mission to create gluten free products without ANY Gums or nasties that had taste and were sinfully good for you!! The gluten free range was born and made from scratch with our very own gluten free flour blends and just keeps growing… our most repeated feedback from customers is I can’t believe its gluten free it taste so good and my response? I have the lab results to prove it!

Our vegetables come from local farmers all over Western Australia. We use locally grown Oranges and Lemons.. All our, quiches, cakes and slices are made with fresh whole eggs.

We are the first to develop and produce Gluten Free Vegan and Gluten Free Pastizzi all made from scratch in Australia. This product has been in development for some time now and we are so pleased to say that we nailed it on taste, texture and holds well without crumbling in your hand. Made with fresh ingredients and our gluten free secret flour blend that contains NO gums, egg, or nuts. This hand-crafted treat has only one allergen which is ‘Soy’. Our feedback on these products have been sensational people with dietary requirements are over the moon so I am sure you will be too!

We love pleasing our customers and when the request came through for some Vegan and Gluten Free Sweet and Savoury New Products we were excited and delighted to make these little treats which includes Cacao Slices, and Mango & Lime Cheesecakes and more.. So.. thank you to our customers for pushing us to create new products to add to our lip smacking menu range! No gums

Kiss Kiss Artisan Foods is an HACCP Spotless Certified and Dnata Certified Wholesale Business. We meet or exceed our strict Food Quality Safety Management Program and take pride in implementing our procedures into our daily production. We are audited annually, so our customers can be assured of product safety and integrity at all times. We also do regularly lab testing of all products including dietaries and have a separate Gluten Free kitchen, so you can be confident our Gluten Free products are suitable for someone with Coeliac Disease. 

High demand for our range of products have developed strong demand for a Frozen Gourmet Delivery Service available to Perth Metro, we deliver our menu range of delicious gourmet foods Tuesdays and Fridays.