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In 2015, Manuela discovered that she and her daughters were gluten intolerant! Can you believe it? Yes! Gluten intolerant, and she owns a pastry business.  Manuela set out to find some “gluten free” and “delicious” food and found nothing but cardboard and tasteless rubbish with gums and god knows what else to mimic wheat products. So they all decided it was their mission to create gluten free products without ANY Gums or nasties that had taste and were sinfully good for you!  The gluten free range was born, made from scratch with their very own gluten free flour blends and just keeps growing… Kiss Kiss Artisan Foods most repeated feedback from customers is "I can’t believe its gluten free, it taste so good!"  Our response? "We have the lab results to prove it and our Gluten Free Range is endorsed by Coeliac Australia."
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  • Gluten Free - Double Cheeseburger Pide - 4 pack
    Gluten Free - Double Cheeseburger Pide - 4 pack - Kiss Kiss Artisan Foods
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